Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Katniss

K is for Katniss.

I love Katniss. And I loved Jennifer Lawrence's portrayal of Katniss. Suzanne Collins was a screen writer before she wrote The Hunger Games series. She helped write the screen play for her movie. I'm sure that helped her characters stay true to themselves during their screen adaptations. 

I love Katniss for her strength. Simple as that. Collins illustrates her strength with the inciting incident - when Prim's name gets pulled for the Hunger Games and Katniss volunteers herself. She's still scared out of her mind, as she should be, and she does it anyway. I also love that she is self-professed "unlikable." I love that she doubts Haymitch's and Peeta's intentions all throughout the first book.

Katniss is well-rounded, dynamic (gets even stronger throughout the book), and she falls for the boy we might not expect her to fall for. She's humble, brave, intelligent, self-reliant.... If Four is my favorite love interest, Katniss is probably my favorite heroine. 

She makes me want to wear my hair in a side braid - which I won't do, because I would look ridiculous....really, really ridiculous. Sadly, I lack the cool factor that Katniss and Jennifer Lawrence clearly have. *Shakes fist* Damn it all!


  1. Lol! You picked a great character for K! (-:

  2. A great character for K I completely agree re Katniss's general awesomeness!

  3. I agree. She's a great character.

  4. Good roundup of the character. I'll have to read it someday!

  5. She is one of my all time favorite characters too :)
    Simply Sarah H

  6. I think Katniss has a lot of girls wearing side braids, whether they should or not. Plus, the name Katniss now tops the list for baby girl names. Loved the book and the movie.

  7. I love you. Can I just say that? I love how you write, and I look soooo forward to when you write a character I know. I love your K!!! Katniss is strong and amazing.

    And, for the record, I think your hair would look great in a side braid. hehe

    Dana at Waiter, drink please!

  8. I agree
    She has that strong yet vulnerable to the core
    The side braid works for her

    Nice to meet you through A to Z

  9. She is ONE strong and awesome character.... Imagine giving up her life for her younger siblings! That is STRENGTH personified!

  10. Yup, love her too. I haven't read books 2 and 3 yet, I'll get to them someday.