Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for Rudy

R is for Rudy

Rudy Steiner from The Book Thief is one of my all time favorite characters. (I've already established one too many times perhaps that Markus Zusak is one of my all time favorite authors). Rudy is protagonist Liesel's best friend. He's constantly trying to win a kiss from her, and he antagonizes her at the same time. Rudy's defining moment is the "Jesse Owens Incident." Rudy, a blonde haired, blue eyed 10ish year old, takes a piece of coal, paints himself black, and heads out to the nearest track in his Nazi Germany town to run laps. I'd love him just for the Jesse Owns incident, but he protects Liesel throughout the book like any true childhood best friend would. Rudy is gutsy, brave, stubborn, and protective - a perfect BFF.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Sounds amazing. I am wondering if he gets the kiss.

  2. I have seen this recommended by many!
    I love what you shared~
    Thank you~

  3. Sounds interesting, I could see him being a favorite character

  4. Hi Kimberly,

    Now that's the kind of protagonist I like to read about. In my um latest book, there is a bad lady in it. She is a bad aunt whose surname is "Tagonist". Yep "Aunt Tagonist" :) Have a peaceful remainder of your weekend and happy alphabeting.

    Gary :)

  5. I've heard that's a wonderful book. I'm hoping to get it on audio book from the library. Holds have been placed on it. Gotta wait my turn. Writer’s Mark

  6. I, maybe enjoyed isn't the right word, but I thought it was a very good book with good characters. It was very moving too. Rudy was one of my favorites too.

  7. What a great book! The kind that leaves you thinking, long after you've read the last page and closed the book with a sigh of contentment...
    Love the writing style too!

    Writer In Transit

  8. I hated The Book Thief and couldn't even finish it. I was brutally honest in the response I did for my YA Lit class last semester. I'm fully prepared to get tons of "not helpful" votes and angry comments should I ever have the guts to review it on Amazon. Rudy was one of a handful of characters in that massively overrated book that seemed somewhat well-developed.