Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for.....

O is for Oscar, Ollivander, and Oracles

When I signed up for this challenge, I underestimated how difficult it would be to come up with "O" characters. 

When I was younger, Oscar the Grouch was my favorite Sesame Street character simply because he was green. Apparently, I also loved the Incredible Hulk.

Ollivander from Harry Potter (God bless JK Rowling for creating so many characters I can use for this challenge)...not much to analyze: bright man, means well, love his name...He's what I call a plot progresser - his purpose is to move the plot along.

Oracles make any story more interesting. I love prophesies and trying to figure out whether or not those prophesies will come true (they always do.....but they always keep me guessing too).


  1. O is a toughy, but I think those are all good ones. I like that the same guy was Ollivander in all of the movies. =]

  2. Not sure what my favorite was. Maybe Kermit? He was green.

  3. O was hard for me too, but you got two!

    KaTy Did at: Life's Ride As I See It

  4. I was always partial to Grover, but it wasn't because he was blue; it was because he was SUPER GROVER!
    Did you check my "I" entry?

  5. 'O' is a serious toughie. Actually, all the letters make one think a lot, don't they?

  6. I think you've got great choices for O. Taking from Harry Potter and Sesame Street is the best to pick from.

  7. Well, really, if you've got Oscar the Grouch, why do you need anyone else?

  8. Oscar these days isn't as grouchy as he was when I was a kid.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  9. I think you did a marvelous job! I think we can all say (at least those of us in our first year of this challenge) that we didn't anticipate how difficult this challenge would be! It's 10:30 at night, and I just posted my O.

    O-h boy! :)

    Keep up the good work!

    Dana at Waiter, drink please!

  10. Congratulations on your feature over at Alex's place!
    When I saw the name Oscar, I immediately thought of Oscar Wilde... what a character! One of my favourite, clever people!
    And Oracle is a good choice. Great word!

    Writer In Transit

  11. I've always had a soft spot for Oscar The Grouch! I also wanted to congratulate you on being featured at Alex's!


  12. Hi Kimberly. Nice to meet you. New follower here. Came via Alex's blog. Like your word choices.

  13. I think Oscar's character scared me a little but I loved his little friend the worm, Slimy.

  14. I like Oscar he is just misunderstood, that is all ;D
    Nice to meet you!
    I like the mystic of Oracles!
    Yes, Congrats on being featured

  15. Oscar the Grouch is a great "o" character!

  16. Great "O" choices! Ollivander intrigued me as a character; I would love to have known more about him, even if his role is mainly as a plot progresser.

  17. I think by the time we get to O day, it can start to feel a bit hard to come up with anything, I'm feeling a close connection with Oscar today, but Olivander and knowing the Oracle is always succesfull is already starting to make me feel better :)