Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for Janelle

J is for Janelle.

Janelle from Liz Norris's Unraveling stood out among the heroines I've read over the past few years. With a bipolar mom and a workaholic father, she acts older than most kids her age because she has to. She's tough, but not like Katniss tough (hmm...I wonder who K will be about tomorrow). Janelle is a bit more anti-girly girl.

A defining moment that stuck with me was her participation during an English class discussion. While discussing whether or not a proposal was romantic in a Dickens' novel that I really should remember, Janelle declares to her entire class (after being provoked) that she would not want an overly romantic proposal. She would want something honest. She would want a guy to simply say "'Janelle Tenner f-ing marry me.'" (Only she doesn't use f-ing) Certainly not a proposal that I would want (luckily my hubby went a different route when he proposed), but it creates a moment in Norris's book as one that defines her character (it's also a fun scene between her and the boy who clearly likes her).

Like I said - tough girl, rough around the edges, brave, intelligent, vulnerable, likable, relatable..... She also saves the world - that's defining too, I guess.

I'm looking forward to more of Janelle's story in Liz Norris's next book which comes out April 23.

Sorry "J" wasn't for Jacob! ;)


  1. I so enjoy a together reading about that ... no nonsense ... kind of girl...

    I real life, well, I do prefer a bit more femininity. LOL.

  2. English class discussion, huh? Sounds interesting.

  3. We need more tough girls in YA books.

  4. Looking up Unraveling on Amazon to buy now. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Love that afterthought; "She also saves the world"! I haven't red this book, but she sounds like a strong character, which makes me inclined to check it out.