Sunday, October 5, 2014

Deal Maker

These past few months, I’ve received some news of the let’s-see-what-you’re-made-of variety. I like to think in times of adversity, I come out swinging. Hard. I take in news, I process it; then I get my game plan together and start to attack it. I usually win too. For being a small person, I’m freakishly strong, and I’ve always been incredibly lucky. (Disclaimer…I’m much more lucky than strong….Okay full disclaimer – my biceps look impressive, but it’s illusionary. I can’t open a bottle of wine by myself for the life of me.)

Without being too specific or too personal, this fight is a bit more exhausting. There are no quick fixes. And I haven’t been feeling too lucky.

Until yesterday. Yesterday I had my coming-to-Jesus revelation. I made my deal with God. And in exchange for one tiny (okay-kind of gianormous) but *possible* miracle, my “give-back” involved writing. That shocked me. Usually my “give-back” involves teaching. This time, it’s writing.

Writing is powerful. Words are powerful. Books are powerful. Stories and characters can change lives, save lives, reshape the way people think. As a seventh grade literacy teacher, I’ve seen it happen. And if God takes me up on my deal, I will dedicate my life doing just that.

So I’m going to be away for a while…lifting weights, running laps, knocking down hurdles (because jumping over them is a quick-fix and there are no quick fixes here). And I will be writing. Just in case I’m one day called upon to use my writing powers to spread a little good.