Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest

If the blogosphere was one gianormous high school, Alex J. Cavanaugh would be the cool senior that everyone knows - the one who never needs an introduction or a last name for that matter. It doesn't matter what circle you run in, the second someone mentions "Alex" or the "Ninja Captain," everyone in the conversation has something to say about him.

A month into starting my blog when I was still pretty clueless and naive about this whole blogging thing, Matt MacNish referenced him in an interview I posted (making me the clueless freshman transfer student and MacNish one of his cool senior friends). After checking his website, noticing he ran with ALL the cool kids, and seeing how many comments he gets every time he posts, his rock star status was undeniably confirmed.

The first time Alex commented on one of my posts, I'm pretty sure I blushed and ran and told my husband who did not appreciate what a big deal that was. Cool senior boy waving to insecure new transfer student/freshman in a crowded hallway = BIG DEAL. After all, my existence as a blogger had just been confirmed. I was pretty damn sure that once Alex J. Cavanaugh visited my site, my dream agent was wouldn't be far behind him contract in hand.....still waiting for that one.....

But then Alex kept stopping by. And he turned out to be this really nice, supportive person who is genuine and funny. I'm pretty sure the cool senior kid usually turns out to be a douchbag. Alex - I'm happy to discover you're not a douchbag. Instead, you're a truly wonderful person I've enjoyed getting to know this past year. While you've remained a mystery in many ways by never posting a picture of yourself, I'm pretty sure I've got you pegged.

What does Alex look like? 
Easy. He's a dead ringer for my uncle Greg. Since none of you have the pleasure of knowing him, I'll paint a very clear picture and segue into the next question....My uncle Greg is a perfect mix of Jeff Goldblum and Tom Skerrit.

Who would play Alex in a documentary?
Tom Skerrit. He's just a bit more suave than Goldblum. HOWEVER, for the scenes where Alex is playing the guitar, we might have to have Golblum stand in - like a body double, if you will. I don't think Tom Skerrit can pull off playing the guitar as well.

Who does Alex remind you of?
Gotta stick with my intro for this one.....the cool kid in high school who ironically doesn't turn out to be a douchbag once you get to know him.

To Mrs. Cavanaugh:
I think you're absolutely lovely. I love when Alex writes about you. I love that he enjoys spending time with you. I love how in love with you Alex obviously is. If possible, I think you, Mrs. Cavanaugh, might be on a taller pedestal than Alex because of your willingness to share him with us all.

Dammit! I've run out of time for the BEST part of this blogfest....the flash fiction paragraph. Good thing I feel very confident that I have nailed what Alex looks like. I did, didn't I? I look forward to reading everyone else's flash fiction pieces.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

IWSG: Compliments

Why is it so hard to believe the good stuff? I never do - NEVER - not when it comes to writing. If a CP writes a positive note, I think, "That was very sweet of her to say." If a CP writes something negative, I immediately jump to the conclusion that I'm the world's worst writer and should quit now before I waste years of my life chasing a pipe dream I'll never reach. This is immediately followed by many glasses of wine and days of moping until I get around to slowly building myself up again realizing that I'm not the WORLD'S worst writer - that's silly. Surely someone out there sucks more than I do.

It's almost worse if that comment is constructive or makes a really good point. If I actually agree with a CP's negative comment, then it's so much harder to write her off as a jerk who feels inferior by my stellar writing skills and only wants to rip me apart to make herself feel better...OR (an even better excuse)...He's just an idiot who just doesn't get me, my writing, my characters and how much time I spent perfecting the scene he's riping apart. (Just to be clear - aka in case they are reading this post - I actually LOVE my CPs and Betas to death - especially when they rip me apart).

Is anyone actually able to wallow in all of the positive feedback and not feel totally crushed when they hear something negative? If so, what's your secret?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Contest Circuit: December 3

December...really? December already? How did that sneak up on me so quickly? I didn't have a lot of time to surf around for the happenings hitting the blogosphere this past week. If I missed something, let me know! 

Looking forward to IWSG this Wednesday!

Pitch Wars. 31 agented authors or industry interns "coaches" will be teaming up with aspiring authors. Nov 26 coaches will post the genres they are interested in working with. Dec 5 aspiring authors will apply to their 3 top choices for coaches. If picked, each coach will read and give comments about your entire manuscript and query. Jan 23-24 Agents will read pitches and make requests. See any of the coaches' sites for details like Monica B.W's site Love YA!

Jessa Russo and Tamara aka Feaky Snucker are hosting Holiday Pitchfest on December 4-6. They are having a workshop on Dec 4 to hone your pitch followed by a blog pitch party AND a Twitter pitch party the next two days. See THIS POST for a list of participating editors and agents.

Blog Hops and Flash Fiction:
Victoria Smith and Jaycee Delorenzo are hosting The Mating Game Blog Hop. Choose a couple from your MS. On Dec 3 hop around to five judges' blogs where they will have dating game type questions for your characters to answer. Then post those answers on Dec 10.

Romantic Friday Writers is hosting Holiday Spirit Blogfest. They are looking for excerpts of up to 800 words (fiction or nonfiction) that focus on a family tradition, unique family recipes, inspirational articles - anything that captures the holiday spirit of whichever holiday you celebrate. The linky will be open from Dec 12-31.

I'm a Reader Not a Writer and Oasis for YA are hosting their third annual Mid Winter's Eve Giveaway Hop. Sign up if you'd like to participate in the giveaway, or check out the list of 100+ bloggers already signed up to giveaway great prizes! Dec 21-27.

Morgan ShamyMark KoopmansDavid Powers King and Stephen Tremp are hosting Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest on Dec 10-12. Pay tribute to rock-star blogger Alex Cavanaugh by answering questions that describe him: What does he look like? Who would play him in a documentary? Who does Alex remind you of? There is a bit of flash fiction fun and you can comment to Mrs. Cavanaugh for bonus points. Since Cavanaugh is such an enigma, these answers will be fun to read. The prize is one of the best parts... signed copy of CassaStar or a picture of Alex and a download of him playing his guitar (either of which are not to be shared online). The masterminding behind this one cracks me up. Well done Morgan, Mark, David and Stephen!

Emily R King and Tammy Theriault are hosting "And You Are...?" Blog Hop. For this clever and entertaining blog hop, Mrs. Claus is giving away three presents to three lucky people who answer David Spade's interview questions. Dec 3.

Word and Stuff is hosting Baby Faces Blogfest on Dec 2-3. For Trisha's first blogfest celebrating her blogiversary, post a picture of yourself as a baby/toddler or tell a story about yourself when you were a baby.

Tyrean Martinson and M. Pax are hosting Hobbit Fest. To celebrate the movie's release, Tyrean and M. Pax have four Hobbit related questions for you to answer. Dec 14.

Smitten Over Books is giving away a pre-order for one of 11 upcoming new releases next year. Ends Dec 25.