Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Inspiring Success Stories

I have officially become a lurker. I've been stopping by blogs, reading what you have to say, and leaving without commenting. Blasphemous, I know....If it helps, I feel guilty about it. In my very weak defense, most of my perusing has been on my iPhone, which makes commenting impossible. Let's blame Apple, shall we? (Certainly this has nothing to do with user error). Why Apple, when the iPhone can do so much, is blog commenting difficult?

In my prowling, however, I've come across some people with wonderful news. I thought this month might be a good month for a few success stories. If you don't know these people already, follow them.  They are wonderful, knowledgeable, and perfect people to secretly stalk visit:

Amy Sonnichsen at The Green Bathtub
Amy just sold her book, RED BUTTERFLY, to S&S

Dahlia Adler at The Daily Dahlia
Dahlia sold one book, changed agents (after multiple offers of rep)
AND she'll be blogging about it this month

Go visit them and be inspired. I GUARANTEE both of these authors have big writing careers ahead of them.

Happy IWSG Day!