Monday, May 7, 2012

Contests Worth Mentioning...

For my Writer's Voice entry #28, click here.

To read a little about this feature, "Contest Circuit," click here.

Upcoming Contests:
“Dear Lucky Agent” Contest with Chuck Sambuchino: Deadline May 14
WOW! Women on Writing is hosting a Flash Fiction contest judged by Literary Agent Regina Brooks: Deadline May 31st
Agentversary with Gennifer Albin: 150 words on picture prompts - one a day from May 7 - May 11. Winner receives a query critique from Mollie Glick of Foundry Literary.

Ongoing Contests:
(and some of my personal favorite sites to check out)
Miss Snark’s First Victim has frequent contests from in-house crits to agent judged contests. Miss Snark hosts agent judged contests once a month and in-house critique sessions in between. Miss Snark's constructive criticism is direct and dead-on.

Cupid’s Literary Connection has hosted several creative multi-agent contests including Love Triangle, Blind Speed Dating, Secret Agent Invasion, and The Writer’s Voice Contest. Even if you don’t participate, they are fun to follow! 

Love YA by Monica B.W. often hosts agent contests in the first week of each month. Past contests have been based on twitter pitches – selling your entire MS in 140 characters. She also participated in The Writer’s Voice Contest. She's lovely.

Brenda Drake Writes…under the influence of coffee: Brenda Drake also hosts creative contests such as Pitch Madness and The Writer’s Voice Contest. In addition, she has several in-house critique sessions. While I’ve never entered the in-house critiques, people who have say their manuscripts are better for it.

Operation Awesome: Seven playful writers join together to host Mystery Agent contests on the first of each month. Most contests involve a one-line pitch. They also have fun posts throughout the week.

Query Contests:
Kristi Helvig: Every Wednesday this YA writer gives away a private query critique. I've won this contest. She was an absolute pleasure to work with! 

Gabriela Lessa: Ms. Lessa also hosts query critiques on Wednesdays. Hers are public. I've also won this contest. See here where she ripped apart one version of my of my more humbling points along this journey. However, it lead me to some significant improvements in my MS and, of course, my query.

The Infamous Query Shark: I submitted my query for review but was never selected...probably a good thing. She's brilliant and ruthless. If nothing else, check out her previous query critiques. Every writer can benefit from them.

Next time I'll try to focus on some fun Flash Fiction contests!

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