Monday, May 28, 2012

Contest Circuit: This Week's Contests

Happy Memorial Day! I hope all of you enjoyed a lovely weekend and were able to celebrate both the service people you know and those strangers who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms.

This week I will posting my first Literary Circles entry, a blogger interview with the fabulous Melodie Wright of Forever Rewrighting. How perfect is her blog title for her? If you've never visited her blog, stop in, say hello, and follow her. She's witty, charming, and helpful. Look for that at the end of this week.

Below are a few new contests I discovered. Most of them take place this week!

Novels During Naptime: To celebrate her recent book deal, Karin Akens is giving away a Full MG/YA Manuscript Critique. In addition, her agent, Victoria Marini will also critique the first three chapters of your MS. For 20 extra entries, you can make a tax-deductible donation to her friends who are trying to adopt a child from Bulgaria. You can read more about their story on her website. This contest ends June 1.

Marisa Cleveland is an Agency Intern at The Seymour Agency. She's hosting a contest for a first page critique by Nicole Resciniti. Contest ends June 1.

Confessions of a Twenty Something Fiction Writer: Victoria Smith is giving away 3 NA ebooks to celebrate reading 500 followers. Contest ends June 1.

Kristi Helvig is hosting a Creative Curse Word Contest - this one just makes me laugh. Whoever gives her the most creative curse word will win a YA book of their choice. If nothing else, stop by just to read over the entries! Ends June 1.

Unicorn Bell: The writers at Unicorn Bell call for submissions each Monday. Submissions are usually 250-300 words. Entries are then posted anonymously for critique. This may not be a typical contest, but it's too wonderful an opportunity not to mention! This week's critique calls for submissions that include dialogue. Email submissions by Thursday, May 31.

We Do Write: Dorothy Dreyer is hosting an agent-judged contest called the Three Two One Pitch Contest. Post your three sentence pitch on June 7&8. A mystery agent will pick the winner for a full manuscript request.

Last week's post also mentioned several contests with a deadline sometime this week.

For a list of ongoing agent-judged contests, query contests, flash fiction contests, and giveaways, click here or go to my Contest Circuit tab.


  1. Thanks for mentioning my contest! :D

  2. Sure thing! Are you up to 500 yet? Congrats!

  3. Kim I'm serious in love with you!
    Thanks for finding all these great contests. I entered at least half of them!
    Muchos Karmas to you!

  4. So glad to hear it! Best of luck in them!

  5. Your contest posts are phenomenal! Here is one more -

  6. Thanks so much Sharon! Thanks also for passing along this giveaway - what a great opportunity!