Sunday, October 5, 2014

Deal Maker

These past few months, I’ve received some news of the let’s-see-what-you’re-made-of variety. I like to think in times of adversity, I come out swinging. Hard. I take in news, I process it; then I get my game plan together and start to attack it. I usually win too. For being a small person, I’m freakishly strong, and I’ve always been incredibly lucky. (Disclaimer…I’m much more lucky than strong….Okay full disclaimer – my biceps look impressive, but it’s illusionary. I can’t open a bottle of wine by myself for the life of me.)

Without being too specific or too personal, this fight is a bit more exhausting. There are no quick fixes. And I haven’t been feeling too lucky.

Until yesterday. Yesterday I had my coming-to-Jesus revelation. I made my deal with God. And in exchange for one tiny (okay-kind of gianormous) but *possible* miracle, my “give-back” involved writing. That shocked me. Usually my “give-back” involves teaching. This time, it’s writing.

Writing is powerful. Words are powerful. Books are powerful. Stories and characters can change lives, save lives, reshape the way people think. As a seventh grade literacy teacher, I’ve seen it happen. And if God takes me up on my deal, I will dedicate my life doing just that.

So I’m going to be away for a while…lifting weights, running laps, knocking down hurdles (because jumping over them is a quick-fix and there are no quick fixes here). And I will be writing. Just in case I’m one day called upon to use my writing powers to spread a little good.


  1. Words have power. Flex, girl, flex!

  2. But you just got back!
    If God has called you to write, then that's what you must do.

  3. I hope your writing helps you through your challenging times. I'm hoping to get back to it too for these reasons soon.

  4. Whatever the fight is, I'm praying for you. I know you'll kick its butt! :)

  5. Biceps or no biceps, go win this fight!

  6. Amen! We must run the good race and fight the good fight. Both teaching and writing are worthy pursuits that God has surely called you to :-) Prayers for you <3

  7. I was looking at the date you posted and realize I'm just a bit late. Sounds like things have been rough, but you've still got a positive attitude. That's half the battle sometimes.

    (And on a side note, I'm horrible at opening bottles and jars. It shouldn't be that hard, but it's like I can't grip those caps enough to turn them. :) )