Wednesday, July 2, 2014

So Much to Celebrate

Alex J Cavanaugh's IWSG and the 4th of July in one week? So much to celebrate!

July 4th has always been my favorite holiday. Because of it, I will toss aside my monthly griping to celebrate some small successes.

I love editing. It's my favorite part of the process. But that also means I can get stuck editing the hell out of what I've written instead of moving forward. This summer, I've committed to moving forward and cranking out a first draft by the end of the year. A very smart CP of mine told me to commit to 500 words a day. It's so simple, and for someone with my stupid, insane schedule, it's perfect. Slowly but steadily, I've wracked up 20,000+ words this summer. I estimate that's ~25% of being done. Perhaps not worthy of fireworks, but certainly worthy of a really good tasting imported beer with a ridiculously high alcohol content. Yes, I realize given the week a Coors Light might be more American of me, but this type of small success ought to be celebrated properly.

So, cheers - to big successes, small successes, and everything in between! Whatever your successes may be, I hope you all take the time to celebrate them properly.


  1. Kimberly!
    It think it's worth a lot of fireworks. Keep writing and in a couple months, you'll be done. Then you can get back to the editing. (Which I enjoy more as well.)

  2. That is awesome! You deserve two really good tasting imported beers with ridiculously high alcohol content!

    Have a safe and fun Independence Day!

  3. When you are on a tight schedule, just continuing to write consistently is a HUGE DEAL. Congratulations girl! You deserve it!!!

  4. Congratulations and what a thing to celebrate! I've done the 500 word goal thing myself. It was the only way I could manage during the school year, and it's amazing how it all adds up (eventually). Keep going--you're almost to the editing part!

  5. Just last week, I started putting a sticker on the calendar for every day I wrote 1000 words. At first my family laughed at me (because I just retired from teaching) and there were a lot of jokes about the teacher rewarding herself with gold stars.

    Now, however, they check the calendar every morning (because I mostly write after everyone has gone to bed) and I get a "Good job, Mom!" if they see a sticker.

    So, you know, I strive to get them. I guess that makes me a kindergartner at heart.

  6. Great job! Is this the one I've seen or a new one? I know how it is trying to write with kids. Maybe I should make a word count goal too.

  7. So good to hear from you . . . glad you're plugging away! I'm with you, imported craft beers all the way! Happy 4th :-) We're celebrating at Lego Land--I just hope it's not toooo hot!

  8. I love editing, too - it's so much better than drafting. Good luck with your edits!

  9. It sounds fireworks worthy to me. Good for you!

  10. That's an awesome goal. And I love the editing too.

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