Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Contest Circuit: March 12

I haven't had much time to round up a ton of contests and blog hops this week. I'm a day late posting as is. But the ones I do have sound too fun not to mention! Happy Monday Tuesday!

Brenda Drake is once again hosting Pitch Madness on March 26-28. Submission window opens on March 15. Get your 35 (max) word pitch and your 1st 250 ready to pitch.

Blog Hops, Flash Fiction and Giveaways:
The A-Z Challenge is less than a month away for the whole month of April. The sign-up list is already up along with plenty of suggestions on how to survive it. 

Amy Sonnichsen, Andrea of Maybe It's Just Me and Chista Desir are hosting My So-Called Teenage Life Blog Hop. Find a piece you wrote at some time in your teens and post it. The last time Amy did this, the entries were hysterical. ;) March 25.

The ladies at Falling for Fiction are hosting the Matchelor. Fill out their questionnaire and they will match you with a CP/Beta reader. Matching is March 25-29.

Daisy Carter is critiquing query letters and/or the first 250 of your WIP on her blog. To submit your work, send her an email which can be found on her site.

Mark Koopmans will be hosting the Who's Your Paddy? "Got Green" BlogO'hop Version 2.0. Save the date. March 15. Details to come - already sounds like fun.

Akossiwa Ketoglo is giving away an ARC to one person who leaves a comment on her post about YA books. Ends March 15.

Alex J Cavanaugh will also be hosting Top Ten Movie Countdown Blogfest on March 18. List your top ten favorite movies.


  1. Participating in a few of these and looking forward to it:)

  2. Thanks for all the links. Lots going on.

  3. Lots of bloghops this month. I'm not doing much, mostly cause of A to Z, but I signed up for My so-called teenage life. I did that last time and it was fun. Plus I have a bunch of journals I get to look through for 'fun' stuff.

    Also, gonna try (possibly) my last contest for a while. Pitch Madness. Anyone can submit for the first round as long as it's in the designated time period, but I'm not sure how they're splitting the submissions up to the judges. We'll see I guess.

  4. Hope all is going well with baby and moving and and and.. phew! Thanks for the updates, as always.

  5. So much going on. Thanks for the great round up!

  6. Thanks for the updates, I'm still trying to get my a-z posts finished up before the 1st! March is just flying by. (: