Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Murder Mystery Blogfest: Part 2

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For Part Two of Sharon Bayliss's Murder Mystery Blogfest, I've been given questions for suspect "Devon," a character from my own MS, about the murder of Lenny Glow.

Devon balances his chair back on its two hind legs. As the detectives walk in, Devon's lawyer tips the chair forward creating an awkward thud against the tile floor. Devon chuckles. His lawyer checks his Rolex watch.

“Kind of ironic,” Devon smirks. “Independence Day…being questioned for murder.” He takes a sip from his soda can and winks at the detectives.

Devon’s lawyer whispers something in his ear. Devon straightens his posture and folds his hands in his lap. His cocky grin reveals unnaturally white teeth.

The first detective begins, “From where I hear, you think you're quite the tough guy. Beating up other kids. Tell me son, where does all that anger come from?”

“Being 17?” Devon scoffs.

The second detective continues, “Maybe it's because the rumors about your mom are true and she brought a new "daddy" home every night?”

Devon’s lawyer smiles quietly and strokes his tie. “Gentlemen, I say we keep this professional. You both know you have no proof that my client is in anyway associated with Lenny Glow or his unfortunate death.”

The second detective swipes the can. “Then you won’t mind if we do a simple DNA test?”

“Show me the warrant and we’ll gladly cooperate.”

Devon taps his feet and nods towards his lawyer. “He’s good isn’t he? That’s gotta piss you off.”  

“Quiet,” his lawyer reprimands.

Devon’s wolfish grin spreads wide across his face. “C’mon, just a little?” he says to the detective who swiped his soda.

The detective leans across the table. “Know what would piss me off kid? Large Lenny – living it up without tossing a dime in your direction. That can't feel good, can it? Tell us, Devon, where were you the night your precious papa went to the hereafter?”

Devon shrugs his shoulders. “Doing my homework, sir, like the upstanding, hardworking student that I am.”

Devon’s lawyer stands, “Alright, we’re through here. If you have any serious questions for us, you know how to get a hold of me.”

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