Wednesday, July 3, 2013

IWSG: Gremlins

It's been a while since I've posted - I know. I said I'd be back after we moved and then nothing. Little did I know how long it would take to "move in" to a house. I swear late at night those stupid boxes piled in my garage are multiplying like evil little gremlins.

So, I reenter the blogosphere (briefly) for ISWG day baring a few gifts....contests....and good ones.

If you have a fabulous MS waiting around seeking representation you MUST check out:

Christmas in July hosted by the fabulous Ruth Lauren Steven and Michelle Krys. Submission window will be open July 9.

Authoress of Miss Snark's First Victim is also hosting July's Secret Agent Contest on July 8 AND The Adorable Editor's Contest on July 16.

Now onto my IWSG post hosted by the fabulous Alex J Cavanaugh.

Over a year ago, I jumped into submissions with my first MS thinking "it's now or never." It did pretty well - no offers of representation, but just enough encouragement to make me think publication is possible. I entered the blogosphere, met some fabulous, kind, talented, smart, smart, smart people - writers, agents, friends and critique partners. Then I had Baby Boy #2. Then I went back to work. Then we moved. Then I started taking graduate classes. Then we moved again. And I found myself saying over and over again, "Next month, I'll have more time....for writing, critiquing, reading your manuscripts, and blogging." But every month, something new pops up and that anticipated time disappears. It literally vanishes - swallowed whole, most likely, by evil little gremlins who can be blamed for everything. (In this particular case, the evil little gremlins are NOT my two baby boys, who sometimes act like evil little gremlins).

So my conclusion is giving in....Right now, responsibilities and family time (something I'm never willing to sacrifice) take precedence. I'll squeeze the writing in when I can, but that probably means pulling back on some other blogging regularly - at least for now. And that is what I'm insecure about. I hope I can be that distant friend that you hear from every now and again but don't wholly give up on. I hope that when life settles down - surely in a few more months, right? - I'll continue bumping into you regularly. Until then, have a happy 4th of July - my favorite holiday.


  1. Hey Kimberly!! I've been thinking about you and definitely missed you.
    You have a family that needs you now. And that's all right. We can't do it all. That's why I'm focusing on my music now rather than writing.
    You have an awesome Fourth and don't get the gremlins wet.

  2. It's always best to choose family over anything else, no-one can blame you for that. We'll all be here waiting for you, anyway :)

  3. I totally get this! Life happens and it gets in the way of everything we really want to do. But the good thing is, there's always time. I didn't write my first book until I was 47 and it wasn't pubbed until I was 48. (BTW - I went straight to the pub with no agent.) So you never know. Your boys will grow up and need you less and you'll have more time to get to your writing. There's no rush. At least you know what you want to do and have a plan to do it. Good luck!

    Great post! I'm one of Alex's July IWSG minions!

  4. Graduate classes on top of everything else? I don't think I'd heard that. What will this degree be in? People who go back to school with kids always impress me. It would be so hard to find that time to study and do homework, no wonder you have so little time.

  5. My daughter was saying yesterday that 7/4 is her favorite holiday, too. But, really, every holiday is her favorite holiday -when- it's happening.

  6. I work full-time and have a family too. So I can relate to all that takes away from writing time and blogging time. You can only do what you can do during these challenging times when so much is going on. Sounds like you have your priorities straight.

  7. Enjoy your life. Write when it fits in and don't worry about it when it doesn't. Happy 4th.

  8. Good to hear from you again. I'm struggling with similar issues, and it's driving me crazy.

    LOL about the multiplying boxes. Nothing like moving to make you realize how much stuff you have. And make you throw stuff away. (My dad always said 'two moves is as good as a fire.' :P)

    IWSG #118 until Alex culls the list again.

  9. I've been wondering where you've been :) I've missed your posts. I have followed for a while, but just started blogging on my own. Oddly enough, partly because I missed your contest posts. I know how many people loved it. So I started my blog in an effort to keep up your tradition :)

    Anyway, I know how you feel. With all three little ones home all the time I find that I just don't have much time to devote to writing. But I know it will come. This August will be the first time all three will be in school. It's going to be strange, but it will give me so much more time to write (in between crying that my babies are growing up too fast).

    Oh, and I should say thank you. I won the book Unraveling by Liz Norris on your blog and loved it. I loved it so much that I bought a copy for my nephew and niece which then grew into a sort of book sharing/swapping thing between us. It's been so wonderful to have this connection with them. Relating to teenagers isn't always easy, but doing so through books is a blessing. So much to come from winning one single book.

    Meredith’s Musings

  10. i have totally been in your shoes, well not literally because i have pretty small feet. my family sucks my time, and i don't mind. so i try to find time to do all my other things, and i find if i can do it before bed, then that's like the only time i get.

  11. It's really hard to fit everything in. Life is full of prioritising, but you must do what you must do. Blogging is a big time sucker,but we need each other in this game I think. All the best!


  12. Family definitely takes priority, and the little ones need you. Remember, they'll grow up at some stage... so enjoy them while they are young.
    Squeeze in the writing whenever you can!
    Everything of the best. Keep in touch...
    Writer In Transit

  13. Family first.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  14. Its nice to hear from you again!

  15. I actually understand how you're feeling. Except we haven't sold yet. But our house has been on the market since Mar and no sell yet. Depressing doesn't cover it. Happy IWSG, Kimberly. Glad you're back.