Monday, January 7, 2013

Contest Circuit: January 7

Happy New Year! With the new year, I'm going to be switching things around a bit to accommodate for some big life transitions that 2013 is sure to bring. I'll only be posting on Mondays - except for the occasional blog hop and of course IWSG, which happens on the first Wednesday of every month. I'm planning on posting about contests, blog hops and giveaways every other Monday instead of every Monday like I did in 2012. That makes room for two Mondays a month for me to post about anything random. *insert evil laugh and twittling fingers* And of course, I'm hoping it frees up some much needed writing time as well.

Over break, I read a two part post from Dee of I Write for Apples about why contests are so fabulous. I couldn't have said it better I won't even try. Check out her blog instead. She's fabulous! Part One here! Part Two here!

I've been away from the blogosphere for so long, I'm sure I missed something. Feel free to add to this list in the comments section!

Miss Snark will be hosting a Secret Agent Contest on Jan 14. Details go up on the 7th.

The ladies who brought you Pitch Wars will also be hosting a Twitter Pitch Party on Jan 25. Prepare your 140 character pitch AND include the hashtag #PitMad.

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest: Submit your MS in any one of their five categories. Send your MS of 50,000-150,000 words, an excerpt of 3,000-5,000 words, a pitch, and author bio info. Entries will be accepted between Jan 14-Jan 27.

Cupid at Cupid's Literary Connection is hosting Blind Speed Dating again this year in February. She's upped the competition this year by adding to the contest involving interns, authors and agents, an auction and a private writer's conference on "Mt. Olympus." AND a kissing scene competition AND "even more goodness iced with gooey epic frosting." It all sounds seriously awesome and fun. Check out her site for details. Entry is $10.

Women on Writing is hosting a flash fiction contest due Feb 28Open prompt should be 750 words or less. The contest will be judged by agent Jennifer DeChiara.

Blog Hops, Flash Fiction and Giveaways:
The Geek Twins, LK Hill, and Just a Dash of Geek are hosting My Favorite Martian Bloghop on Jan 14. Post about your all time favorite aliens and why you love them.

The Peasants Revolt is hosting a Flashback Blog Hop. Sign up and share one of your posts from 2012 - something you're proud of or something that makes you ask "what was I thinking?" Participants are eligible for a $20 amazon gift card.

Alex J Cavanaugh will also be hosting his first blog hop on March 18 with details TBA.

The A-Z Challenge will be in April. The sign-up list will begin on Jan 30. Last year, over 1700 participants joined.

Lindsay Cummings is celebrating her upcoming book release with a huge giveaway of some ARCs and fabulous new releases. AND if her book gets 3K "to-reads" on Goodreads, her agent Louise Fury will give aways a critique of your first 3 chapters and query letter.  Giveaway ends Jan 8.

Romantic Friday Writers is hosting a flash fiction contest New Year! New Love! Post your flash fiction piece before Jan 21 and hop around to read other entries as well.


  1. Look forward to reading your posts in 2013!

  2. Kimberly- how I've missed your posts. Thanks for circuit catch up! Oh an aside- the BSD from Cupid is $10. Just a heads up for anyone who was wondering....

  3. Sounds like you have a good plan for the new year. That's what I should do... plan. Haha.

  4. Thanks for the mention! All ready for the Martian Blogfest.

  5. Thanks for all these. I've posted a link for my writing group.

  6. There is so much going on I can't keep up. Thanks for taking the time to post about them.

  7. Hi, Kim,

    Happy 2013!

    Thanks for the info... I need to jump back into blogging more too. Some of the contests and hops sound great!

  8. THAT is alot of info. I wish I had something ready for the Amazon Novel contest. Maybe next year.

  9. Great links! Will try to stop by often to check them out. :-)

  10. As usual thanks for the links.
    I hope to be able to join in contests this year, as soon as my ms is ready.
    Oh and Happy New Year to you.

    ~ Akoss