Monday, November 5, 2012

Contest Circuit: November 5

Happy NaNoMo for those of you ambitious enough to participate! One post I came across that I wanted to pass on was Krista Van Dolzer's Two Writerly Ways to Help Those Affected by Superstorm Sandy. She mentions some great opportunities for a good cause. I'll be back for my dual post on Wednesday for IWSG and I'm Thankful for My Readers Blog Hops. Until then, let me know if I missed anything! 

Happy Monday!

Miss Snark's First Victim her third annual Baker's Dozen contest with 13 agents. YA/MG submissions are Nov 6 and Nov 8. Submissions include the first 250 of your MS. 

NA Alley is hosting Agent in the Alley with Julia Weber for NA manuscripts on Nov 7. Include a blurb about your book (no more than 200 words) and the first 250-300 words.

Women on Writing is hosting a flash fiction contest due Nov 30Open prompt should be 750 words or less. The contest will be judged by agent Jessica Sinsheimer.

Writer's Digest is holding a Short Story competition. Enter your story by Nov 15 of 1500 words or less for a chance to win $3000, national exposure and a paid trip to the Writer's Digest conference in NYC.

Blog Hops and Flash Fiction:
Tara Tyler of Tara Tyler Talks and Vikki of Scribblings of an Aspiring Author are hosting I'm Thankful for my Readers blog hop on Nov 5-8. Post a thanks to your readers during those dates in any creative way you can think of. They will also be offering incredible prizes for the most creative and the most heartfelt posts. Prizes include a blog banner design and MS critique. 

Andrew Leon, Matthew MacNish and Alex J. Cavanaugh are hosting "Oh, How I Miss You Blogfest" on Nov 16. List bloggers you miss who you haven't heard from in a while as well as 1-3 bloggers you would miss if they ever stopped blogging.

Victoria Smith and Jaycee Delorenzo are hosting The Mating Game Blog Hop. Choose a couple from your MS. On Dec 3 hop around to five judges' blogs where they will have dating game type questions for your characters to answer. Then post those answers on Dec 10.

I'm a Reader Not a Writer and Oasis for YA are hosting their third annual Mid Winter's Eve Giveaway Hop. Sign up if you'd like to participate in the giveaway, or check out the list of 100+ bloggers already signed up to giveaway great prizes! Dec 21-27.

Morgan Shamy, Mark Koopmans, David Powers King and Stephen Tremp are hosting It's Time to Give Back. They will be sharing details on November 19. Until then, they are keeping us all in suspense with their promises that this will be epic. Looking forward to learning more!!


  1. Thanks for mentioning our blogfest! And the one set to be announced November 19 will really surprise you.
    Wednesday will be epic! Always my favorite day of the month.

  2. Great round-up as usual. I have my entries in for the contests-- always good practice, if nothing else.

  3. Thank you for all the information.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. Great round up! And oh Kinberly you missed a great chat on Twitter yesterday between me, some bestselling authors and another NICUmama.... :) Hope you are doing well xo!

  5. BTW I FINALLY POSTED MY birth story on my blog :))

  6. Love the IWSG. I look forward to it every month.

  7. Those are some pretty good contests!

  8. Hey Kimberly - great list. As always, wishing I would finish my (realtively short) manuscript so I could enter some of these contests!

    Stop by my blog, there is a surprise for you!

  9. I can't wait until November 19 until they spill out all the details! I know it's gonna be EPIC! It has epic written all over it! Can't wait!

    And yeah, can't wait until the Miss You blogfest! That's gonna be exciting! But there's so many awesome writers\friends to choose from, it's hard to only choose a couple!

    Looking forward to IWSG! Love our monthly meetings! :)

  10. Some great bloghops... thanks for the links!
    I always look forward to the IWSG.

  11. So much to do! I can't decide!!! :)