Monday, October 22, 2012

Contest Circuit: October 22

Just spent a fun, pretty perfect weekend gearing up for Halloween - exactly what is needed heading into a stressful week ahead. I would LOVE to hear some of your happy thoughts to keep the positive energy going. Please feel free to leave them. And, as always, let me know if I'm missing something.

Happy Monday.

Brenda Drake of Brenda Drake Writes...under the influence of coffee is hosting Trick or Treat with an Agent with Kimberly Chase and Deanna Romito on Oct 24. Send in a three sentence pitch along with your first 200 words. There are also a couple questions to answer. For a list of the costumed agents, click here.

Miss Snark's First Victim is hosting a Secret Agent Contest on Oct 22. Submissions include the first 250 of your MS. her third annual Baker's Dozen contest with 13 agents. Oct 30.

Ben Chiles of Story Multiverse is hosting a contest called Narrate This! From Oct 21-27, Ben will be taking up to 50 entries of your first 750 words and a 500 word synopsis. From those entries, he'll choose one winner and two runners up to win part of their manuscript narrated by Ben. The winner will receive 3000 words (can be anywhere in your MS) narrated by Ben. Runners up will receive 750 words each. I love this unique opportunity! 

Women on Writing is hosting a flash fiction contest due Nov 30Open prompt should be 750 words or less. The contest will be judged by agent Jessica Sinsheimer.

Blog Hops and Flash Fiction:
Tara Tyler of Tara Tyler Talks and Vikki of Scribblings of an Aspiring Author are hosting I'm Thankful for my Readers blog hop on Nov 5-8. Post a thanks to your readers during those dates in any creative way you can think of. They will also be offering incredible prizes for the most creative and the most heartfelt posts. Prizes include a blog banner design and MS critique. 

Jenny Matlock at Off On My Tangent hosts Saturday Census, a flash fiction blog hop. Writers respond to a prompt, writing style and word count. She also hosts Alphabe-Thursday, a blog hop featuring posts on each letter of the alphabet.

Dani at Entertaining Interests and Jackie at Bouquet of Books are hosting Spooktoberfest. This flash fiction blogfest must use 5 mandatory words and be under 300 words. Oct 26-29.

To celebrate the upcoming release of her novella, Kyra Lennon is hosting the Letting Go Bloghop. Post about a time when you had to let go of someone or something. This can true or it can be flash fiction. Must be under 500 words. The most touching entry will get a $10 Amazon gift certificate. If nothing else, stop by to check out her beautiful cover to NA novella If I Let You GoOct 22.

Cally Jackson is hosting The Year I turned 18 Blogfest to celebrate the release of her New Adult novel The Big Smoke. Post about something from the year you turned 18. Pictures are encouraged! Oct 29-Nov 2.

I Am a Reader Not a Writer and The Diary of a Bookworm is hosting the Spooktacular Giveaway Hop. Host your own giveaway and link up to spread the word. Oct 24-Oct 31.

Rebecca Taylor is giving away a free Kindle!! See her blog for details!


  1. ARGH, I wish I had time to join in with all these fab bloghops! Thanks so much for the shoutout! :D

  2. Here is a happy, lovely quote that might fit the bill of what you're looking for:

    “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”
    --Henry David Thoreau

    Like Kyra, I need to get better about joining bloghops earlier. Also, I am giving away a free kindle this week; if you think some of your readers might be interested here is the link.

  3. Happy Monday to you too. Hope your pretty perfect weekend continues through the week!

  4. I'm all ready for Tara and Vikki's blogfest!

  5. Thanks for posting my giveaway Kimberly!

  6. I always wonder how you keep on top of everything. :)

  7. Happy Monday and Happy week to you.
    The blogosphere had been booming with agent contests lately and I've seen a lot of writer acquaintances receive requests. :)


  8. Thank you for advertising our blog hop!

  9. awesome events!! and thanks for the shout out!!

  10. Some great links and interesting bloghops!! Thanks for sharing.

  11. You are my go-to person for links and hops and contests. Does it take you long to compile it all?