Friday, September 7, 2012

Bloh Hop: Fact vs Fiction - The Reveal

Thank you so much to our lovely hostesses Melodie Wright and Emily King. This blog hop was so much fun. I really enjoyed reading everyone's stories and wish I could have made it to all of them! So sorry to those I didn't visit!

Fact: I married the hot groomsman I met at a wedding. Only 3% of couples can claim that.
Fiction: I gave birth to my second son on his due date after having my first child at 32 weeks. (Only 5% of babies are born on their due date) Baby Boy #2 was born 22 min before his due date. Everything else about that story was true.

What I didn't tell you was that Baby Boy #2 was born on the day my grandmother, his namesake, passed away. My grandfather that I'd mentioned in the story passed away shortly after I found out I was pregnant. At about 8 months pregnant, we found out my grandmother (different side) had cancer. We thought she'd have several months. But on August 14, she died suddenly, luckily before the cancer could cause much pain. Like with my grandfather, I sobbed for most of the morning. Then half way through the day, I knew with absolute certainty that I would go into labor that day and everything would be fine. (I'm a big gut-instinct person if you can't tell).

My pregnancy had been high risk for a million different reasons, and my husband and I were no strangers to the difficulties of labor. We almost lost my first son during labor. For me to go into labor on August 14 feeling confident that everything would be okay was a wonderful blessing - something I'm sure my grandmother had a hand in. My labor was complicated and got dicey towards the end, but both baby and I are safe, happy, thriving and enjoying the miracle of life.

First picture taken 3 hours before Baby Boy #2 was born. Second picture taken 2 days after birth.


  1. Wow! What a story… And boy do you look good for being in labor. =)

  2. What a story! I'm so glad to hear everyone is healthy and well! :)

  3. Good for you! Happy baby blessings to you!

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. You were a tiny pregnant woman! Glad both children made it into the world safe.

  5. Aw, I'm glad they were both true in a way, even if I did guess wrong.

    You're cute preggers!

  6. Oh, what a story! I'm so glad everyone was okay. :)
    And I second what Alex said, you are tiny! You look like you just have a basketball tucked under your shirt. ;)

  7. Darn. Got that one wrong. Yes, you are a cute pregnant. All the women who look fat and lumpy when pregnant are so jealous!

  8. Wow, you are an amazingly cute pregnant lady!! :D And I'm SO GLAD the romantic story was true and SO GLAD everything went well with both your sweet little boys. Yay!

  9. Yay! So glad you're all safe. Baby's rock! (And I'm a big fan of boys too.)

  10. 3 hours before baby? You look so happy and not like anything I experienced with either of my children. And that last picture is a great family photo.

  11. of course I meant babies. heh heh

  12. Great story. And you had me fooled. And beautiful baby.

  13. I wish I'd looked that good right before labor. I was GIGANTIC.
    And the photo of the four of you is adorable. Makes me think of that Jurassic Park quote: At first, you're all 'oooh' and 'aaah' and then later, there's running and screaming....;)

  14. 3 hours before my babies come I am *not* smiling. Ever. Never.
    I'm so sorry to hear about your grandparents. all of mine have passed away, too, and i miss them terribly.
    But your boys are absolutely adorable. They really are, you family is beautiful:)

  15. This was so moving. I could help a couple of tears.
    I lost my grandma on my mother's side when I was five months pregnant.
    It was hard. I cannot imagine what you went through.
    You are very courageous though. After my very high risk and difficult pregnancy, followed by months in the NICU, I really don't want to go there again. But you are an inspiration.
    If you can do it, maybe, just maybe I can too?

    PS: that's an adorable family picture :)

    1. that was supposed to be "couldn't".

  16. What a lovely story! It reminds me of the song Lightening Crashes by Live. That song always makes me cry. I'm so sorry about your Grandma, but it sounds like your new baby boy has a fabulous guardian angel!