Monday, August 6, 2012

Contest Circuit: August 6

Authoress and her ongoing contests are now responsible for over twenty success stories. Need to feel inspired? Need to be talked into scouting out a few good contests or blog hops below? Check out Miss Snark's First Victim Blog Hop. From Aug 1-15, writers will share their inspiring success stories!

Then stop by Brenda Drake's blog for L.L. McKinney's success story.

Ready for a few good contests now (and blog hops, book giveaways, and critique giveaways)?

NA Alley is hosting a pitch contest with Lauren Hammond for (NA) New Adult entries. Entries will include a brief summary (the meat of your query) and your first 250. Contest begins at 12:01 A.M. EST on Aug 8.

Miss Snark's First Victim is hosting a Secret Agent contest on August 13. Submissions are for the first 250 words of your manuscript. Submission windows are open from 9:00-11:00 AM EDT for the first 25 and 7:00-9:00PM EDT for the second 25. Submissions are asking for adult manuscripts.

DL Hammons is hosting WRiTE CLUB. Anonymously submit any type of 500 word writing sample. Each week, for twelve weeks, two randomly selected samples will go head to head. Winners will be selected by readers via their votes. Victors will move on to the championship round. The winner of the final round will be picked by a panel of agents, editors, marketers, and published authors. DL Hammon's line up for this is phenomenal. Stop by his site to check it out! The first WRiTE begins July 30, but you can sign up after July 30.

WOW! Women on Writing is holding a Flash Fiction contest with guest judge, Literary Agent Marie Lamba. $10 entry fee with fun cash prizes. This contest has an open prompt. Deadline is August 31.

Unicorn Bell is hosting the School's In Query Contest. Submit your query for your complete manuscript. On Aug 13-17, they will host a Study Hall session. Aug 20-24 they will host a workshop session. Then on Aug 27-31, four editors will be judging them and asking for submissions. See post for more details.

Writer's Digest is sponsoring a YA fiction contest for manuscripts of 4,000 words or less. $500 cash prize and promotion in an upcoming Writer's Digest issue among other prizes. Deadline is Sept 14.

Reader's Realm is hosting a flash fiction contest. Respond to the prompt about "bringing home fluff" using select words. Must be 600 words or less. Winner gets $25 Amazon gift certificate. Deadline Aug 20.

Morgan ShamyLeigh CovingtonMark Koopmans, and Cassie Mae are hosting "What If" Fairy Tale Madness Blogfest. Put a spin on your favorite fairy tale and rewrite a scene. This blogfest is filling up fast and will take place August 13-17.

Jeremy Bates is hosting Dog Days of Summer Blog Fest. Sign up on the linky, answer one of three prompts about your summer, and hop around to as many blogs as you can to make new friends (ideally while enjoying a backyard BBQ).

Deana Barnhart's Gearin' Up To Get An Agent Blog O Rama is quickly approaching. The month long party will start September 3. For one month, Deana will be focusing on one agent-grabbing element (platform building, learning the craft, the novel and queries) in an interactive way. She will be giving away plenty of critiques. The blogfest involves agents, authors and a whole host of other fun twists.

Eileen of Singing and Reading in the Rain is hosting a Follower Appreciation Giveaway now through Sept 3. One winner will choose a book from a list of over twenty fabulous new releases. 

The Teen Book Guru is celebrating 1,000 followers by giving away a book of your choice from a list of over twenty new releases to five winners. 

I Am A Reader Not A Writer is hosting a Summer Giveaway Hop with a list of over 160 blogs. Aug 1-7.

Dianne K. Salerni of In High Spirits devots her first three posts each month to First Impressions - short crits of first pages submitted by you. She's teaming up with Marcy Hatch of Mainewords for this feature. 


  1. Wow, so many awesome links!!!! I only knew about a few of them. Unfortunately I'm away when some of the contests or blogfests are on.

    Checking out the links now! :D

  2. Look at all of those blogfests and contests and giveaways!!! Thanks for compiling this list, Kimberly!

  3. I signed up for the agent blogfest even though I'm pretty sure I'm having a baby right when it starts. But I want an agent, dangit! lol :)

  4. And people say blogging is dead - look at everything that is happening here!

  5. Great list Kimberly! I've already signed up for a couple of these! YaY!
    Hope your week is fabulosos!!

  6. Great list! Thanks for sharing this. It helps actually. Great blog!

  7. I'm pumped for all the great blogfests!

  8. So many great things going on in the bloggy world. Thanks for the list!

  9. Love these Monday updates on what's happening in the blogosphere! Thanks Kim!

  10. Thanks for the WRiTE CLUB mention Kim! I'm posting three contests a week now, participation has been through the roof!! :)

  11. Wow, lots going on. I really appreciate you guys who bring all this information together. It's a big help.

  12. Look at you go, unearthing all these great links for the rest of us. Thank you.

  13. THese are awesome links! Thanks for sharing them. Always great to know about contests, and bloghops. :)