Friday, June 29, 2012

Sharon Bayliss's Murder Mystery Blogfest

I've joined Sharon Bayliss's Murder Mystery Blogfest. To participate, I'm posting my suspect for the murder of Lenny Glow. My suspect is seventeen year old Devon Haswell from my current MS, THE BEAUTY OF DESTRUCTION.

The night Devon Haswell was arrested for assaulting fifteen-year-old Ben Pendergrass, Lincoln High School’s social networking scene buzzed with speculated rumors. According to eyewitnesses, Devon stripped Ben and tied him naked to the baseball backstop. Devon beat Ben and burned his skin with cigarette buts to settle a score with Ben’s twin brother. Ben was taken to the hospital for the mental and physical abuse inflicted on him. While most of the rumors floating around cyberspace focused on Devon’s viscous assault on Ben, other conversations included rumors linking Devon to Lenny Glow’s murder. Below is one such conversation…

cheergirl72: did you hear what devon h did to ben p?
sunshinesmileygrl: yes! so sad L
bieberlvr4eva: i heard ben’s still in the hospital
sunshinesmileygrl: i heard they think devon killed lenny glow
cheergirl72: no way! i don’t believe it!
bieberlvr4eva: I totally see that
sunshinesmileygrl: right?
sieberlvr4eva: ever notice devon looks like a wolf?
sunshinesmileygrl: pointy chin…creepy eyes…REALLY white teeth
cheergirl72: hes kind of hot
bieberlvr4eva: hes totally creepy - EVIL! he beats kids up ALL the time!
sunshinesmileygrl: bens not the only kid hes ever sent to the hospital
sunshinesmileygrl: casey m said she heard devon say he wished lenny glow was dead last week
bieberlvr4eva: ever notice he looked like lenny glow?
sunshinesmileygrl: ooh scandal!
cheergirl72: you don’t mean…
bieberlvr4eva: why not? devons mom totally got around – ever hear about her and senator brighton?
sunshinesmileygrl: i forgot about that!!!!
bieberlvr4eva: and she hung out ALL the time at that sleezeball club
sunshinesmileygrl: frolic something...frolic pad?
bieberlvr4eva: she and eva ray were BFF
cheergirl72: so wait...lenny glow was his dad?
bieberlvr4eva: i think so
sunshinesmileygrl: makes total sense
cheergirl72: i thought lenny glow died by spiders or something
bieberlvr4eva: gross!
sunshinesmileygrl: devon was totally obsessed with that weird spider farm lady
bieberlvr4eva: karlie something?
cheergirl72: i thought he was with that ariadne girl
bieberlvr4eva: she scares freak show
sunshinesmileygrl: maybe both
bieberlvr4eva: devon’s totally creepy enough to do it
cheergirl72: I don’t know – the spider thing is just too weird
cheergirl72: maybe the killer wasn’t human…like queen solenne or dughbal or that weird damien car salesman guy
sunshinesmileygrl: maybe you watch way too much of that supernatural show
cheergirl72: i prefer the fringe...wb rocks
bieberlvr4eva: devon locked up 4 good....that would rock


  1. Replies
    1. Sharon Bayliss always has creative ideas like this!

  2. You've definitely got the teen cyberspace dialogue down!! Your story sounds amazing and I LOVE that title.

    1. Ha! Thanks Julie! It comes from spending way too much time with middle school kids during the school year... ;)

  3. I'm not sure I know exactly what's going on here, but this is awesome. And I agree with Julie! You've got that voice on lock.

  4. Very interesting. I like the way you included references to the others suspects. Devon sounds like the kind of guy you don't want to cross.

  5. This is awesome!!! The plot thickens...

  6. I adore how you set your suspect up, included little pieces of of your MC and included "outsiders" and their opinions. Great work!