Monday, February 25, 2013

Contest Circuit: February 25

I came across Carissa Taylor's Pitch Factory post sometime in the last couple weeks. She shares several great resources for generating pitches, including the pitch generator. Similar to Mad Libs, you fill in a handful of info about your MS and it generates a pitch for you. I tried it, and while it didn't generate a stellar polished pitch, it did create a great starting place. If you're planning to enter Pitch Madness or Operation Awesome's Secret Agent contest, it's worth checking out!

Happy Monday!

Brenda Drake is once again hosting Pitch Madness on March 26-28. Submission window opens on March 15. Get your 35 (max) word pitch and your 1st 250 ready to pitch.

Women on Writing is hosting a flash fiction contest due Feb 28Open prompt should be 750 words or less. The contest will be judged by agent Jennifer DeChiara.

Operation Awesome is hosting their next Secret Agent contest on March 1 for PB, MG, and YA mysteries, historical and contemporary. Shine up your one sentence pitches for it.

Blog Hops, Flash Fiction and Giveaways:
The A-Z Challenge will be in April. The sign-up list is already up along with plenty of suggestions on how to survive it. 

Live to Read is giving away 100+ books this month of some incredible titles.

In addition to giving away weekly books, Natalie Aguirre and Casey McCormick of Literary Rambles are celebrating 3000 followers with a huge giveaway. Ends midnight March 9.

Daisy Carter is critiquing query letters and/or the first 250 of your WIP on her blog. To submit your work, send her an email which can be found on her site.

Kyra Lennon and Clare Dugmore are hosting The Bloghop of Joy on March 1. List small sometimes slightly unusual things that cheer you up.

Suze from Subliminal Coffee, Nicki Elson, and Mary Pax are hosting Back From the Future Blog Party on March 1. If you received a package one day from yourself ten years in the future, what would be in it?

Mark Koopmans will be hosting the Who's Your Paddy? "Got Green" BlogO'hop Version 2.0. Save the date. March 15. Details to come - already sounds like fun.

Alex J Cavanaugh will also be hosting Top Ten Movie Countdown Blogfest on March 18. List your top ten favorite movies.


  1. You always have the best 'what's going on' links, Kimberly.

    I'm off to try out the pitch generator. I love madlibs. Hopefully this doesn't make my pitch sound quite so nonsensical.

  2. I'm working on my pitch for Pitch Madness. I hate pitches! Have you done any pitch contests? I much prefer query ones to pitch ones. It's just not enough words to get your story across.

    Happy Monday.

  3. You are on top of events!
    Hope the kids in your class had fun on Friday.

  4. You do have you reading finger on this pulse. Lots going on! Thanks for gathering it all up for us in one place.

  5. The blogosphere is a busy place.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  6. Okay Kimberly....tell me your secret....How the heck do you have the knowledge of ALL these events so well?? I am participating in A-Z challenge again because it was so much fun last year and Pitch Madness depending on the agents... Thanks for this round up as always :-)

  7. Thanks for word about all the goings-on!

  8. Thanks for the links, including ours at Literary Rambles. The Pitch Factory sounds interesting. If I can't figure out my current one, I may have to try it.

  9. Hi, Kimberly,

    Thanks for the links.... MORE snow

  10. These sound like fun events! Thanks for posting them up.

  11. you have the scoops! i have slacked on keeping up with blogfests. glad i can see whats going on here!

    ps, i awarded you =)

  12. I checked out the Pitch Factory. It was a lot of fun to play with. :)


  13. oh...i gotta go check out that bloghop with mark!! thanks for the reminder

  14. Thanks for mentioning my blog! It's so cool - I'm on the contest circuit roundup. It's like I've arrived :P

  15. Thanks for all these links!
    Stopping by to welcome you on board the A to Z Challenge April 2013.
    Look forward to your challenge posts!

    Please consider putting up the Challenge badge so it is easier to identify your participation.

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  16. Lots going on in Blog Land these's to a great time for all!